To My Brother... "The Unknown"

Yo, what's up brother "Unknown"!

I see a lot of individuals suffering because of you. I've been triggered by you in my past. I use to hate and despise you. I even made you into my enemy because I wanted to know it all in advance! 

I had to work tirelessly in my mind because of you as I did not accept "not knowing".

I wanted to have control of EVERYTHING! If I didn't have control, I had to be on my guard and ready to drop the mitts against many imaginary giants in my mind. I had to think extremely hard trying to find solutions intellectually.

Trying to fix a problem with what created it lead us to confusion.

 Oh, yes.... that's called worrying about you brother! And trust me, It didn't feel good at all. We get identify to these illusionary scenarios which we believe to be true. We are not just aware of the fear of the unknown, we become the fear of the unknown. We embody all these fears instead of the infinite power that we are.

I use to have my life planned out. I thought I had everything figured out.

Imagine that you are going to see a hockey game and you know in advance who and when is going to score and what the final result is going to be.Or playing in the actual game but you know in advance how your going to play that night, which mistakes your about to make, or the goals your about to score!

Anyone excited about knowing it all in advance yet?

Not to mention that what we envision in our minds we always believe will go according to the plan....and that is not the case! The "impostor mind" like to pretend to have it all under control. When it lose control because things don't go as planned, it simply panic!


I use to resist you dear "Unknown". I remember throughout my career as an athlete how I had all the reason in the world to worry about you. I would even numb myself from you by escaping the feeling and replacing it with some sort of ecstasy. The problem was that consuming all this shit to feel blissed out was making myself a victim of you and I was simply trying to run away. I didn't go very far, because you were always right there but with more terrifying look once the buzz would dissipate. Each time that I tried to escape, my vision seemed to be getting darker and darker!

I know that many who will read this will recognize themselves too. Billions of people on this planet are suffering from you brother. They give away pills now to cope with you. I see athletes getting so down over you because they worry. Imagine that! You have to be very scary my brother. 

They want to know like I did! I even believed that I should be worried about those possible scenarios. There was no room for reconsideration with these kinds of convincing beliefs.

Oh dear mini me! Little did he know that my brother "the unknown" was actually on my fucking team. The brotherhood that we long for on a team is what many players miss the most once they retire. Let's create this bond with the unknown!

Now I see you, I feel you, and when I realized that you are so of service actually, my life began to change. We are on the same team! I get to use you as tool for being excited for no fucking reason because I just don't know. I simply trust you man! I've made you into my brother. Ha... it can be so simple sometimes. No need to fight it anymore. Kill it with kindness instead. Love the unknown and follow this vibe that you don't know how, what, and where but you are following this vibe, this excitement, this trust!!

The core of this experience is the way we perceive you. When we shift this, accepting it, embracing it, opening up to it and loving it... we make you into a brother.

We realize that you are the reason why we get to feel fucking excited about life. Without you, "the unknown", we wouldn't feel this aliveness within us! 

You are so of service and because of you, I feel the pain deeply of individuals when they go through it. I can so recall myself being in that position. I known it can fucking hurts! I am now naturally moved to share with them when they get too mental about it and convince them to trust the way to their heart! It is trust that will lead them because it knows what the mind can't imagine! 

I got to develop trusting my intuition instead! So Epic !!

We don't know jack shit yet!

And that's completely fine!

Thank you brother for all of your services!

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