The Clouds and The Unpredictable

Updated: Jul 19, 2019

We could relate clouds to internal pain which may create a similar effect of a darker experience.

These clouds can be unpredictable. We don’t know how their painting will unfold in the sky. 

Same with pain, we don’t always know or understand why it is here or what will emerge from it.

We also tend to hate any unexpected turn while going through what is already so foggy, not knowing what is awaiting us. 

But, all clouds/pains, that are felt within you, are “for" you — to wake you up to something new.

Perhaps, a path that could of never have been imagined.

Pain doesn’t just appear by mistake, bad luck or just randomly.

It is specifically there for you. Hand picked for you. 

Even if you believe you didn’t need it or deserve it.

That belief alone will create more pain, which will also be there for you... to realize something new again.

The shadows that the clouds create does not mean the sun isn’t shining anymore.

Take some space from this playground of circumstances. 

Space from this blurry mind, to allow you to observe it all from a distance.

You then get to observe the clouds from where the light is coming 

from rather then driving blindly into it and becoming this darkness 

From this space, there’s no conclusive judgement of what it is unfolding at the moment through these current circumstances.

You don’t judge it because the drawing is constantly changing regardless. 

You stay open for what is emerging  from what you are letting go.

The U-turn inviting you in. Tuning back to your own intimacy and honoring your inner being 

Acknowledging the fog without becoming it,  aware of this dizzy mind without identifying yourself to whatever it is projecting. 

You may still wish that the clouds would not show up the way they unexpectedly did.

Let that wish go. 

Allow it all to be “inconclusively”.

You remain still, just watching the roller coaster effect within you without becoming the one riding it.

It does not belong to you. It is simply there at your service. It will pass!

Where deadlines and the urgency to have to do anything begins to fade away for a moment.

Because you’re doing it all without really doing anything.

You can breathe now

You cut the cord that attaches you to this playground so you can just sit back for another moment.

The seeing will become clearer when you are no longer any of these clouds or this pain.

Which more than likely, will shift the filter of this illusionary mind upon what it is perceiving at the moment.

Where the essence of this unshakable being that you naturally are, simply stands above all clouds as an extension of this vastness infinite stillness, which is only accessible in this forever instant.

Where the watcher observes this filter of infinite perspective of this persons mind.

The noticer that notices the shift out of this whole shit 

The acknowledgment of these clouds will turns the sky into a piece of arts. 

The acknowledgment of your divided team will turn itself back into one 

The acknowledgment of this pain within you, will turn itself into new realizations and liberation.

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