The Brotherhood Experience

This is it right here!! 

What you assume and believe to be lost after your playing days.

But what you often take for granted in the midst of your playing days.

It is what most players suffer from once their career is over. 

We believe it is now lost, which it can never be.

Team sports expose you to experience it in a very intense and condensed manner.

Not to get attached too, but perhaps, use it to embody personal growth.

Some aren’t aware of what’s missing specifically once they hang them up.

They often say “we miss the locker room.”

But more specifically, they long for the Brotherhood feelings. 

The same exact things that soldiers miss the most from being in the battlefield.

It is not the killing, the bombs and the guns that they miss the most. 

It is this intense connection that makes them feel so alive and part of something so significant.

When their life is on the line, they radically "accept their differences" for accelerating this unity, this togetherness or this oneness.

They don’t give a shit what their brothers or sisters covering their ass with a rifle believes into, their religions or their colors, or where they were born before getting their citizenship joining the army.

Do you see how much power you have to shift things up?

The only difference is the way you are looking at it.

What an interesting mirror for this world.

But the comradeship you get to be part of in sport is a valuable one!

However, remember that this sense of identification of what we belong to is what creates the most pain to let go of.

This family vibe that we sweat blood with can be a significant catalyst for our personal development, self-empowerment, and even self-discovery.

-Let me ask you, what can you change within you to be of service to the one sitting next to you?

-How can you lay a hand and be the difference to the excluded one?

-How can you be the momentum changer between bitching and blaming, vs owning the shit in your locker room?

Yes, it can be to remain silent, while aware of this monkey mind that will be quick to judge the one next to you which constantly complains.


Stay aware of that voice without becoming it.

Be the change regardless!

The locker room is tough love. Which is exactly what society appears to have difficulty dealing with.

The real shit will sometimes be told to a teammate. 

More then likely, a player’s code of ethics is to "own it" with a sense of urgency with your hockey season or the playoff on the line.

In society, you get a lawyer and you have to play the victim role to try to win something out of it.

Of course, it’s not all pretty sometimes. Worth it? 

No doubt in my experience!

This game combined with the chemistry can be an acceleration of your expansion through this intensity that comes with it.

Harvard University can’t even make up a curriculum of this epic life experience.

To make the most out of this experience is to not take it for granted but more so as a mirror to be used for the rest of your life.

Care for the one you are close with and even more so for the rejected one.

This sport is somewhat your teacher. It is pretty amazing to experience it.

Be the one, my friend

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