Honor Your Struggles

Updated: Dec 3, 2021


How excited are you? 

{The answer doesn’t matter.}

If your Excited:  

Epic... Go for it!!

Not excited: 

it is inviting you within, it is calling you home. Don’t deny it. Don’t escape it. Don’t pretend your excited when your not. No need to feel worse if you just realize that you are not that excited.

You can be excited for realizing that you are not that excited.

Be authentic about what makes you feel bad.

Be vulnerable to be seen.

Own it fully without blaming other people.

Allow to feel angry, resentful, pissed off.

Allow to be “not excited” so you can be excited again

Allow yourself to fear so you can become fearless about what you fear.

We tend to worry when we see that we fear.

The reason is that we fear that we will attract whatever we fear about.

Fear fueling it’s own fear.

Do you see the pattern?


We fear the fear of future discomforting events.

We get tense to the idea of feeling future tensions.

We fear feeling bad.

We fear that we are currently attracting fearful circumstances because we now are aware of the fear.

Stop!  Breathe deeply!!

Your fine!!

Your supported

Can discomfort be allowed in your life?

Are they welcome?

Or are we too identify as want to be Mr Feel Good all the time?

Wanting to feel good all the time is a desire that will make you feel heavier if you ever happen to feel bad.

Do you believe you will escape the feeling bad through fun, entertainment and busyness?

Escape it through denial?

I invite you to own it my friend.

Own your shit without judgment!

It doesn’t matter if its not your fault or who’s fault it is.

Own whichever arise.

Your house got broken into? Own it!

You got fired? Own it!

You were lied too? Own it!

Not by blaming yourself or others.

But by not wishing this to be any different then it is so you can get clarity into “how” to align with your truth to flow through whichever circumstances that may arise.

All is welcome my friend!!

What you try to push away will force itself in.

What you escape, will soon catch up.

“Chassez le naturel, il revient au galop”

What you deny, will resurface.

Whatever you suppress, will be express one way or another

Run your authentic truth without beating yourself up my friend.

You are freer then you realize.

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