Becoming Somebody

Why are you trying so desperately to become somebody which comes from an ideology or an image?

Is something missing within you?

Is something about you not enough right now?

What’s missing my friend?

Does it help you to move forward when something is missing?

What if you were born naturally whole and complete... how does it feel to go on to realize of your true unshakable nature?

Does it feel more align with who you are?

So, Instead of the desire to become somebody, how about the recognition of what you are not,  to realize that your fucking perfect beyond this pretending games of the mind.

So What exactly do you fear?

Perhaps that you won’t evolve without this desire of becoming this imaginary somebody?

That you will stop chasing what you believe that you want?

You fear of not being this somebody?

Or more so you fear to be a nobody?

How do you become somebody  or a nobody anyway? 

By doing more and accomplishing more  or by failing and coming short all the time?

You can do as much as you want and judge it by the same level of consciousness as “I made it” without this sense of fulfillment.

Or "I failed it" with this sense of guilt and shame.

What other reason you are not enough now?

Perhaps comparison make you feel this way?

Where does comparison comes from?

From that same place that makes you "want" to become somebody?

This same place which is incomplete.

A somebody that will never make you feel enough.

A short lived satisfying somebody

Because something is still lacking wherever your at? Right?

Unless you escape for a moment, then you feel good throughout that escape right?

Throughout this short stint of success?

Does that sense of lack feel good to you?


Do you believe that you cannot change this perceptions?

If so, what if you were complete now?

Ok... could that sense of completion be your natural state of being by any chance?

Could it be you birthright?

What if any sense of "not enough" can’t no longer co-exist with this state?

Could this state be the state you wish your team or the world to realize? 

Would that make you be the change you wish to see on your team, in your country or in the world?

Could your true nature be far more significant then this "imaginary somebody" which feels lack until it changes what’s outside to feel better?

What if your natural completed state of being is the change you are longing for to see in others?

What if your state is organically regulated to this synchronized rhythm of circumstances for you to harmonize with, and open yourself up with the unimaginable?

Now lets slow the fuck down!!

Watch the busyness of the world or of your own mind.

Are you which is constantly busy?

Are you which believe there’s a chances of missing an exit?

Are you which is afraid of coming short in life or in your hockey career?

How much does this belief serves you my friend?

Is it this belief or focus that will pull you forward now?

Busyness mirror of the collective mind?

What if the force within you would pull you forward effortlessly?

Have you ever experienced this effortless working hard momentum once your in that trance?

So much to discover, not so to memorize.

Much to embody, not necessarily acquire outside of yourself.

It’s a fine line folks because words don’t mean the exact same for everyone.

If you get glimpse of what I am pointing at, then you realize there’s nothing to believe into in what I am sharing.


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