As a Coach, I will not say that you will experience an extraordinary life and have everything you've ever wanted in your wildest dreams through a challenge-free fantasy world. Wellbeing starts first from within. Life does unfold in the moment, and no, it is not always as we planned. Unexpected circumstances do come into play and that is part of life! We will be challenged by the things we have not expected. However, it is about becoming curious enough to turn those challenges into stepping stones while aligning yourself with your true power. How can we make the most of each moment? The purpose is to bring clarity, understanding, and realization. 

What is Empowerment Coaching

Empowerment coaching is a powerful form of support used to create change in your life through a process of inquiry and personal discovery, raising self-awareness, taking increasingly effective action, and thereby experiencing real and meaningful change in your mind-patterns, personal, and professional life. Coaching accelerates and supports this process by bringing structure, self-awareness, accountability, and feedback. A professional life coach helps you access your own wisdom and inner resourcefulness and then leads you to act on it. I specialize in helping individuals and athletes create significant breakthroughs in their lives.

Benefits of Empowerment Coaching:

  • Assistance in discerning taking action vs trust

  • Increased emotional intelligence and integrity

  • Ability to trust yourself and your own guidance

  • Identify your inner "why" and tune into inspiration

  • Transition pain into motivation 

  • Align with your life purpose and meaning

  • Identify strengths, skills, and talents and learn to use them for your own unique contribution

  • Learn to identify your inner fears and resistance

  • Open up to your most creative self

  • Live a life of conscious choice

  • Live in gratitude and with joy through present awareness

  • Redefine your priorities in life

  • Learn the wisdom of acceptance and of pro-active change

  • Express your authentic self and reconnect with life and passion

  • Increase your confidence through the power within


Overcome limiting beliefs, fears, and habits that are blocking your inner resourcefulness and guidance.