I was a professional hockey player for over 12 years in countries around the world.

On the ice, I appeared fearless, but off the ice, I was anything but courageous; escaping my inner battles consistently through drugs and alcohol. I ended up dealing with severe anxiety, depression and repeatedly considered taking my own life.

I also suffered a traumatic brain injury and fell into critical condition in 2011. What appeared to be the most dramatic time of my life turned out to be the catalyst for numerous changes.

Mental illness comes in layers and this led me to open up to life, spirituality, and personal development which would assist my growth into new understanding.

I began to work with athletes as a hockey coach and an empowerment coach on a personal level.

I am passionate about this innovative approach to assist players in their development and living out their dreams.

The foundation of my work is to align their inner state with their performance.

I am also involved in public speaking at conferences and charitable organizations.